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Magis Home Soak Off Kit Review

Magis Home Soak Off Kit Review

I recently read a review of this kit by Claire on Kerruticles blog and was delighted when Magis contacted me asking if I’d like to review this product too!  The product I have been sent is intended for the home removal of gel nail polish.  I don’t actually have any gel polishes or I would try this kit with them, but I do see the ideal use of this kit for removing glitter polishes.

I was sent a starter kit which contains some pre-made wraps with an absorbent pad for acetone, an orange stick and a 50ml bottle of acetone which is in an easy dispenser bottle.  The acetone bottle reminds me a little of hair-dye bottles, with a nozzle for direct and precise application.  The only word of warning I would offer regarding this bottle is that acetone in transit seems to make the bottle a little ready to “pffffttttt” on opening, so point the bottle away from your face as I got a couple of drops which were over eager to get on those pads!

I applied the wraps in the quickest time ever, if I use the “tin foil” method of removal it takes much longer messing about with small pieces of cotton wool, wrapping up my fingers.  The whole hand only took a minute.

After just 4 mins I “wiggled” my fingers out of the wraps, when removing foils I always apply gentle pressure on the nail area, then pull the finger out of the wrap whilst twisting it side to side.WARNING STAINED NAILS AHEAD!!

This last photo shows my stained nails, I posted the green dots earlier today and commented that the Barry M Green leaves me with Simpson nails, it was no different on this occasion.  When I had applied the glitter ready to try these wraps I realised I hadn’t buffed or tried anything to remove the stains, so they are here in full horrific glory!

The last couple of hex’s moved off the nail with the greatest of ease, I just used the pad from one of the wraps and the glitter lifted instantly.  A quick hand wash later and there were no traces of glitter – application and waiting time all together meant my nails were glitter free in 5 minutes which is a major win in my opinion.

My other thoughts on this kit, speed and ease of use aside:

  • The foil used is different to normal kitchen foil, it feels much better quality and stronger (maybe that’s a reflection on my buying crap to use in our kitchen?!)
  • The design of the wraps is magical, when I normally use home made foils, I find that the acetone / whatever remover I use runs from beneath the wrap, down my fingers and virtually all the way down to the wrist, with the Magis wraps I didn’t have any drips.
  • When I use home made foils to remove glitter I find that after a couple of minutes the foil feels very hot and my (very sensitive, eczema prone) skin starts to feel like it’s burning so I remove the wraps due to discomfort: the Magis kit comes with pure acetone and the wraps remained cool when on, there was no discomfort experienced by me at all.
  • The remaining couple of “stubborn” hexes shown on the final picture removed so easily with slight rubbing too.

I considered trying one nail using a home made wrap to see the difference in overall removal, but I look in the cupboard and realised we were all out of foil!  This is another positive about buying specific foils for my nails, I’ll never find that hubby has used all the foil, not told me and that I am now faced with half an hour of scrubbing to remove glitter! All in all I think I am a convert! The Magis wraps can be bought in a couple of options, they have kits for acrylic nails and gel nails, they offer sets of just wraps or wraps and acetone.  The wraps have a multi purpose use and can be used with oil to nourish nails.  They also offer wraps desiged for toe nails.

The online store can be found here.

Whilst this product was sent to me free of charge, the positive opinions are all my own feelings after trying this out!

This review was taken from Em’s Little Corner


First time using Magis & loved them!

Happy Customer

"I love Magis Wraps! I've tried other brands but always go back to them. Great value."

Happy Customer

They save so much time and messing!! A must have for all nail techs

Happy Customer

I love Magis Wraps! I've tried other brands but always go back to them. Great value.

Happy Customer

My glitter polish removal headaches are over - Thank you Magis

Happy Customer