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About Us

Avril Palmer-Fye

MD Magis Supplies Ltd

As Founder and Managing Director of Magis Supplies Ltd, my aim is to create and develop products, which focus on enabling increased levels of professionalism and enhanced customer service experience. 

Magis Remover Wraps were developed to offer a more professional service and an enhanced customer experience. Magis wraps were developed in response to what I considered to be a poor service offering. The practice of submerging fingers in to a bowl of acetone and having to sit still for an hour or more, is I consider, to be very primitive and not at all customer friendly.

I set about designing a wrap that had benefits for both the customer and the business. My business objectives were to clear to create;

  • A ready-made foil wrap for fingers & toes;
  • Quick and easy to apply;
  • Cost Effective – using 50% less removal solution;
  • ​Time saving of at least 10 minutes per customer;
  • An overall more professional soak off service;
  • A wrap which could be unfolded and re- applied if more soak off time was required

My customer service objective considerations;

  • The wraps needed to provide a positive service experience, unlike the old DIY practice or the practice of sitting over a bowl of acetone & having fingers submerged in acetone for a considerable amount of time;
  • Allow the customer some freedom to move around so they could have a drink, read a magazine or use their phone whilst soaking off. Or, more importantly, have another treatment.

The wraps were first launched at the Professional Beauty Show, Oct 2010 at Manchester Central, to tremendous acclaim. The reaction amongst salon owners, mobile technicians and distributors alike, was unanimous. The wraps were a simple idea based on an existing practise but they were 100% effective, looked professional and we’re ready made so speeded up the soak off process.

I was then approached by a major nail brands and wholesalers across the UK and Europe and this is how the business began to develop and continues to grow.

We are always looking for new distributors. If you are interested in extending our global reach, please get in touch and we can start the discussion.

First time using Magis & loved them!

Happy Customer

"I love Magis Wraps! I've tried other brands but always go back to them. Great value."

Happy Customer

They save so much time and messing!! A must have for all nail techs

Happy Customer

I love Magis Wraps! I've tried other brands but always go back to them. Great value.

Happy Customer

My glitter polish removal headaches are over - Thank you Magis

Happy Customer