Our Happy Customers

"First time using Magis & loved them!"

"Loving your wraps at our salon"

"They save so much time and messing!! A must have for all nail techs"

"I love my Magis!!"

"My glitter polish removal headaches are over - Thank you Magis"

"I love Magis Wraps! I've tried other brands but always go back to them. Great value."

"We use Magis Wraps because of the ease and quality! We wouldn't use anything else and get excited when the black box arrives!"


Q: What’s the difference between finger and toe wraps?

A: The finger wrap is larger than the toe wrap as the toes do not need as much foil to securely wrap and soak off

Q: Is the foil strong enough so that it doesn’t easily tear?

A: Magis Wraps are made from quality aluminium foil, which has been tested and trialled by many professional nail technicians. There are many grades of aluminium foil and we have carefully selected the foil that has excellent workability. It is not like common household kitchen foil.

Q: What is the difference between a Gel pad and an Acrylic pad?

A: Gel pads are made from woven cotton and more suitable to soaking off easy-soak, gel polishes.

Acrylic pads are made from a special sponge material that is thicker for greater absorbency. Acrylic nail enhancements require more solution & soak off time and so this sponge pad is better suited.


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