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Fashion & Style Police: Magis Home Soak Off Kit Review
I had my nails done some weeks ago, first time in 2 years, and it felt good to have them on. Before I had my kids, I was super obsessed with pretty nails, I used to have my nails professionally done e.....
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Thank you Magistas
'Magis Supplies Ltd, the company behind Magis Foil Nail Wraps - helping gel and gel polish removal to be fuss-free - is saying a big 'thank you' to its loyal, professional users. Inspired by its 'Magi.....
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One Nail To Rule Them All Review
"Monthly Favourites: September: With all the gel nails I've been doing recently (posts coming in the next few days) I need some way of removing them too, and this Magis kit has been my saviour. The.....
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One Nail To Rule Them All Review
"Monthly Favourites: September: With all the gel nails I've been doing recently (posts coming in the next few days) I need some way of removing them too, and this Magis kit has been my saviour. The acetone bottle included in the kit is handy too as it doesn't come out super fast and you can therefore control how much you're pouring, rather than getting it all over your desk (I've definitely done that a few times!). You also get a lot of foil wraps in the kit, and a couple of orangewood sticks. I've seen a few foil wrap kits around but this is the first I've seen with acetone in and as a res..
With the most prestigious night of the year in the professional nail industry rapidly approaching - The Scratch Stars Awards - it is only right that we sincerely thank our Scratch Stars sponsors who have generously contributed both their time and money to making this the important, significant and glamorous occasion that it is. So, a very big THANK YOU to the following sponsors: Cuccio Professional for sponsoring Nail Stylist of the Year GELLUX PROFILE for sponsoring Gel Polish Stylist of the Year Palms Extra for sponsoring L&P Tech of the Year Leighton Denny Expert Nails fo..
Lucy's Stash Review
Hello lovelies, I've had a short blogging break so that's why I'm posting second post of the day. My blog is going through some changes as I'm switching to the Overblog blogging platform so please be patient :) I've got here a product that many of us would appreciate from time to time - Magis Home Soak Off Kit. Basically it's pre-cut pieces of foil with a small pad on it, perfect for the foil method we so love when removing glitter. I know this is kind of a luxury but sometimes I just don't have time to cut my own foil and pads so these some very handy. They are definitely suitable for p..
I recently read a review of this kit by Claire on Kerruticles blog and was delighted when Magis contacted me asking if I'd like to review this product too!  The product I have been sent is intended for the home removal of gel nail polish.  I don't actually have any gel polishes or I would try this kit with them, but I do see the ideal use of this kit for removing glitter polishes. I was sent a starter kit which contains some pre-made wraps with an absorbent pad for acetone, an orange stick and a 50ml bottle of acetone which is in an easy dispenser bottle.  The acetone bottle ..
Magis Foil Nail Wraps for Glitter Polish Removal
At one of the stands at the Professional Beauty Show at ExCeL back in February (can’t remember which stand)  I saw some foil nail remover wraps. They were for removing gel nails, but for those of us who don’t use gel polish, I thought they might be good for removing glitter nail polish. When I first started painting my nails regularly, I loved wearing glitter, but it was such a bore taking it off, scrubbing at it for upwards of half an hour. I read about – and tried – PVA glue as a base coat. But I found a nail or two would unexpectedly spring off on day two, so I now only use it when ..
'Editor’s Choice for Pampering Perfection Magis Foil Nail Wraps'
"When it comes to our nails, adding that splash of colour or nail art can make us feel fabulous, especially for the party season! Yet, when the parties are over and it’s time to attend to your nails once more, removing all that acrylic and gel polish can be a bit tricky. So, when I came across Magis Nail Foil Wraps, my prayers for an easier way to look after my nails were answered... Perfect to keep your fingers and toes in pristine condition, these fabulous foil nail wraps offer an easy, effective and affordable way to remove gel and acrylic nail art. The wraps can be used as a removal wra..
What is it that makes the difference between a good supplier and a really excellent one? It could be great service, attention to detail, understanding your needs, going the extra mile, or something else which makes you want to carry on placing your business with that supplier. That is why we have launched the Guild Awards of Excellence 2013, to help us find the suppliers who do that little bit more. We are looking for suppliers and trainers in the beauty, holistic, and nails industry who have really impressed you. Whether it was a great website, fast service, or that extra help when you had..
Your nails say a lot about you! A perfectly polished and finished manicure is a fine detail that so many people will take notice of. Even the celebrities are getting in on the action! Katy Perry turned up to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony last year wearing some very blinged out nails! From a far they were thought to be holographic nails, but were in fact 'June Bride', a sparkly pale pink shade by Gelish nails! Katy Perry in June Bride by Gelish nails! Nail Harmony are the company behind this innovative development in manicures. Similar to Shellac, Gelish gel polish is made ..
Celebrities and their Shellac Nails
Gel nails are without doubt the latest and hottest of all nail accessories…and celebrities love them. Celebrities are always in the public eye and that means every inch of them must be immaculate; everything from hair, outfits right down to the fingernails! Here's the low down on Gel nails: Gel nails have the added advantage of looking very much like your natural nails. You can airbrush them, wear a French tip, wear them long or short and in any shape you choose. Whether round, square or pearl shape-the choice is yours! It's easy to apply and one has the 'just polished' shine, which has got..
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