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'Editor’s Choice for Pampering Perfection Magis Foil Nail Wraps'

"When it comes to our nails, adding that splash of colour or nail art can make us feel fabulous, especially for the party season! Yet, when the parties are over and it’s time to attend to your nails once more, removing all that acrylic and gel polish can be a bit tricky. So, when I came across Magis Nail Foil Wraps, my prayers for an easier way to look after my nails were answered...

Perfect to keep your fingers and toes in pristine condition, these fabulous foil nail wraps offer an easy, effective and affordable way to remove gel and acrylic nail art. The wraps can be used as a removal wrap or a manicure wrap and will allow you to remove polish with little fuss. Ideal for beauty professionals and salons, Magis Foil Wraps are great for saving time and money, as well as presenting a professional image and service to customers.

However, for home use you really can’t beat the handy Home Soak Off Kit. This lightweight, easy-to-use pack contains 50 finger wraps with absorbent cotton pad and removal solution. Great for saving a trip to the salon, you’ll be left with nourished nails thanks to the fast-acting soaking solution.

My nails go through a lot and so, keeping them in condition is really important to me; however removal always seems more rushed than the application of nail art. So, when I used the Magis Foil Wraps I was pleasantly surprised how effective they were and how good my nails felt and looked after the removal of such harsh gel and polishes. So, if you fancy banishing the bowl and mess and applying an easier, flexible and time saving solution to removing nail art then I would thoroughly recommend these impressive foil wraps!"

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