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Celebrities and their Shellac Nails

Gel nails are without doubt the latest and hottest of all nail accessories…and celebrities love them. Celebrities are always in the public eye and that means every inch of them must be immaculate; everything from hair, outfits right down to the fingernails!

Here's the low down on Gel nails: Gel nails have the added advantage of looking very much like your natural nails. You can airbrush them, wear a French tip, wear them long or short and in any shape you choose. Whether round, square or pearl shape-the choice is yours! It's easy to apply and one has the 'just polished' shine, which has got to be one of the reasons why Shellac nails are so appealing!

Getting your nails 'Shellac'ed' is a simple four-step process that is done in a salon, by a professionally trained CND technician. Once on, they are guaranteed to stay looking immaculate for up to two weeks!

One of the first celebrities to hook onto the Gel nail trend, was pop sensation Rihanna. Here she is sporting her latest Shellac colour. When CND - Shellac launched its range back in 2010, this pop icon was one of the first in line to ditch other nail treatments for Shellac. She was even seen wearing CND ‘Wildfire’ Shellac, in the Eminem video 'Love the way you lie'!

Here, the star is seen with CND Manicurist Flavia Pitton in Milan. Flavia used CND Retention plus liquid and CND Retention Plus Powder to build up the strong Shellac base. Rihanna's nails were then finished off with a coat of CND Shellac in 'Black Pool' a rich jet-black colour.

Don’t forget, when it comes to soaking off your Shellac, Magis Foil Nail Wraps are the best and only way...