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Gel Foil Nail Wraps - Fingers (100)

Gel Foil Nail Wraps - Fingers (100)
Gel Foil Nail Wraps - Fingers (100) Gel Foil Nail Wraps - Fingers (100) Gel Foil Nail Wraps - Fingers (100)
Product Code: Fingers - 100
Availability: In Stock
Price: £6.00

100 ready-made wraps made with an absorbent cotton pad.

These wraps are made from quality aluminium foil, tested by nail technicians to ensure workability. Perfect for soaking off all gel-cured polishes including; Bio-Sculpture, Shellac, Gelish and Jessica.

The wraps have a built-in hem, designed to give the technician more stability when wrapping the nail and can be reapplied as required.

Salon secret! Why not give customers a mini manicure after soaking off? Simply apply cuticle oil to the pad & wrap, nourishing the nail bed & cuticle!

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